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Donating can come in several forms and fashions. You may want to sponsor a rider per mile they ride. A penny per mile would be a $27.00 donation as we will be riding about 2,700 miles. That means sponsoring a ride for a nickel a mile would be a contribution of $135. Of course, any donation amount is much appreciated.

Whether it be monetarily, emotional support, or anything else- we can always use any kind of assistance!

In-Kind Donations

You may be able to help by donating equipment or supplies to support the ride.

Download Gifts In Kind Donation Form

Donation of equipment is a great way to help SPONSOR the ride. You may receive your name and link to your website on our sponsor page if desired. Monetary sponsorship levels are available on the “sponsor” page also.

Below is a list of items that will be more costly for us. We appreciate any help you may give us in this area.

  • Bike parts
  • T-shirts
  • Jerseys
  • Helmets
  • Food
  • Water/Energy drinks
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Banners

Business Connections: Sponsorships through local, regional, and national businesses are critical to the success of this philanthropy. Contact information of businesses that can assist monetarily or through respective business services would be a tremendous help.

Download Gifts In Kind Donation Form

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