By Adam Moore

On to Utah! After a challenging but fun ride through Nevada, the relative ease of Utah was a beautiful sight. Our first two nights in Utah were spent in Delta, and after a few nights of camping and long days of biking to close out Nevada, we decided to "treat ourselves" to a couple nights at the Triple A Budget Motel. While it was a bit of a squeeze to fit seven guys into one tiny motel room, just to be indoors was worth it.

The next two nights we spent just outside of Salt Lake City in the Hilltop House of Hilltop United Methodist. We're so grateful to them for allowing us to stay with them! We also want to thank Michelle and Brad Bolster, friends of the Greene family, who took the time to make us dinner and buy us breakfast as well. We even had a little bit of free time on our off day--a rare occurrence--and watched Christmas Vacation on VCR during breakfast. What a morning, right? We had a chance to drive around downtown Salt Lake City, and we all really enjoyed having a little time to catch our breath.

Abbington Senior Living

Heber City also treated us wonderfully. A huge thank you to Rachel Kahler from the Chamber of Commerce for setting us up with a night at the Mountain Valley RV Park and allowing us to tour Abbington Senior Living Community. It was absolutely wonderful to meet many of the kind folks who live there and hear the stories of those who have had friends and family members who have suffered from Alzheimer's. And we loved relaxing at Mountain Valley RV Park! Heber City was a full day, but an incredibly rewarding one.

The next evening took us to Starvation State Park for a beautiful night of camping. We spent some time using Burger King's WiFi to get some work done, and then set up camp by the Starvation Reservoir for the night. The guys hard work was rewarded with a beautiful view and a nice evening of camp.

Finally, our last night in Utah was a true adventure. Conrad found us a nice place to camp for the evening, but we failed to notice the sprinklers set up all around us...so you can see where this is going. Unfortunately, even with the rain cover on the tent, water seeped in through the tarp and began soaking all of our stuff. While all seven of us initially went to sleep in the tent, Tommy was the only one who woke up there. Conrad, Ethan, and I slept in the trailer, Logan slept in the truck, and Jonathan and Alex slept in Tommy's car. Needless to say, it wasn't our best night, but luckily everyone's continued to maintain a positive attitude no matter what our current circumstances are, which has allowed us to keep on persevering. 

Well that's it for Utah, and the Colorado post will be along before you know it, too. The trip's certainly picking up and moving along quickly, so keep following along with us!