Harrison Garden

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Hey! My name is Harrison Garden! I am a Sophomore here on the hill and I am majoring in Architectural Sciences. After college, I plan on pursuing my architecture licensure in Landscape Architecture.

When I say I am excited for this trek, I am not lying whatsoever! I love pushing myself to achieve the unthinkable, and after hearing from previous riders about things that they have gotten to experience and the everlasting impact that Bike4Alz has on the world, I knew I had to be apart of it. What better way to raise funds and awareness for a terrible disease than by biking across the country with my closest friends?

Although my family has never been directly affected by this horrible disease, I know how hard it is to see loved ones become something far from what you know and love them as. So, I’m riding for all of those families that are always there for their loved ones at any moment's notice. Without a loving support system, nothing is possible! With that, I have to say thank you to every person who has supported me thus far, whether through donations, words of advice, or prayers! I cannot wait to get on the road, get away from the design studio, see everything this nation has to hold, and kick Alzheimer’s ass!