JB Carter


My name is JB Carter, I am from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and I am a Freshman studying advertising and graphic design at Western Kentucky University.

I am a driver for the 6th Bike4Alz ride and I am supporting the Bike4Alz team because I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to me to play a vital role in funding research to end Alzheimer's disease. I have always admired the hard work that has been put in from previous volunteers involved in the Bike4Alz organization as well as their achieved successes. I have only dreamed of serving as a team player alongside some of the most hardworking people I know. Not only am I looking forward to the impact that our team has the potential to make, but I am also looking forward to how I may continue to grow as a person by experiencing this journey and guiding several of my closest friends and colleagues across the continental United States.

I am driving this summer for all of those that have been affected by this gruesome disease, all of the families for all of those involved, and my own family as well. I am driving to make something of myself and to prove that the passion has the power to move millions.