Max Benningfield

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What’s up! My name is Max Benningfield and I am a sophomore at Western Kentucky University who is majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med concentration. Once college is done, I plan on going to medical school, yet I have no idea what kind of doctor I want to be yet.

I knew I had to do Bike4Alz in support of my grandmother Marlene Benningfield on my dad’s side. She has developed Alzheimer’s, and I have seen firsthand how it not only affects her, but affects everyone around her too.

I first heard about Bike4Alz the summer going into my freshman year of college. At first the idea of biking across the country seemed unimaginable for me, but eventually I realized it was something I had to do.

Not only am I biking for my grandmother, but for everyone who has ever been affected by Alzheimer’s. Dealing with a death is hard enough, but having to watch someone die twice is even harder. With that being said, I cannot wait to get on the road and begin raising awareness to give Alzheimer’s a swift right hook in the mouth!