Grant Rohleder 

My name is Grant Rohleder and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I’m a current Junior studying Chinese and Accounting at WKU. Ever since I joined FIJI, I knew that Bike4Alz was something I wanted to get involved with. My family, like many, has been affected by Alzheimer's and I'm doing this ride to help raise money so we can find a cure to this disease that affects so many people around the world.

My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s late in his life. He was the loving father of 14 children and I’m just one of his 50+ grandchildren, each of whom he had a close relationship with. I remember the days my sisters and I would go over to he and my grandma’s house where we would play cards and listen to my grandma sing and play guitar. I believe growing up in such a large family who knew nothing other than to love unconditionally has shaped me in so many ways into the man I am today. After my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was devastating visiting him when he couldn’t even remember my name, much less all the great memories we shared.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most prevalent and widespread diseases in the United States. Almost everyone I’ve talked to knows someone or has had someone in their family who has been affected by this disease. This summer I’m riding not only for my grandfather and my own family, but for every family who has had a loved one fight the same battle. I'm looking forward to our trip this summer and if you're reading this I hope you'll follow us on our journey and help us in our fight to #EndAlz!