Ken Barlow

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Hello! My name is Ken Barlow, and I am a sophomore from Louisville, KY majoring in journalism and minoring in business administration.

My first exposure to Bike4Alz was when I went to sixth ride’s event in Louisville last summer. Hearing their experiences and the amount of good they were doing inspired me to join the team a few months later.

I, like too many, have experienced the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on friends and family. When I was young, I had a relative that was diagnosed with a form of dementia. Like Alzheimer’s disease, she forgot simple tasks, family members names and faces, and eventually passed away. Recently, my girlfriends’ grandfather was also diagnosed by Alzheimer’s disease.

Seeing Alzheimer’s disease negatively affect the lives of so many people I care about has driven me to join this ride. I want to do everything I can to stop Alzheimer’s disease and bring hope to not only my girlfriends’ family, but to any family who has lost or is losing loved ones because of a disease that takes away irreplaceable memories, moments, and people.