Noah Rudloff


My name is Noah Rudloff. I am a junior and I am majoring in Corporate and Organizational Communication with a double minor in Political Science and Sales. When I first learned of Bike4Alz, I always admired the guys who volunteered to do it but never thought I was capable of doing it myself. What changed me was when I saw my girlfriend of three years, Molly, have to care for a grandmother that suffers from severe Alzheimer’s. Over the last two years, I have watched, as Molly’s family has had to watch one of their favorite people struggle with this crippling disease. Alzheimer’s has caused Mimi to forget the names of her closest relatives. THIS is why I ride.

I ride to ensure that Alzheimer’s is something that my children will never struggle with.

FUN FACT: I’ve grown up in Bowling Green and lived here my entire life. Also, my nickname is Rudy.