Parker Phelps

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Hey! My name is Parker Phelps. I am a sophomore from Frankfort, Kentucky and am studying Nursing at WKU. After college, I plan on attending graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner.

My family, like many others, has been personally affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. My great grandmother passed away from the disease and other members of my family have shown early signs of the disease as they progress in age. Bike4Alz is an amazing opportunity for our team to unite towards a common goal; one that is bigger than each of us. Alzheimer’s is a disease that plagues the lives of so many people across the US, and, without a discovered cure, the prognosis for those diagnosed is very bleak.

This summer, I will be riding for my family members and others affected by this disease. I pray our efforts this summer will have a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by this disease and that the proceeds raised by this ride will contribute to a future void of Alzheimer’s Disease.