What We Do

Our summer-long, cross-country trek will consist of biking, fundraising events, and spreading awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease. We want to leave our mark on each town we visit, whether through hosting events, exchanging stories about Alzheimer’s, volunteering at local senior living facilities, or making new friends.

Biking across the country will let us run into quite a few people. Besides our awesome cause, we will stick out with our tight jerseys and well-defined tan lines. (We’ll bike 3,600 miles in the sun!) People will want to know our story. Staying in homes every night will help us make connections within each community we bike through. We ride for those affected by this horrible disease.




Seven years and five rides later, Bike4Alz has covered over 13,000 miles and raised nearly $250,000 for the American Alzheimer's Association. However, there is more work to be done. 

Alzheimer's disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death in America. Every mile we pedal is for those who are effected. 

How We Started 

Bike4Alz’s first mile came during the summer of 2010. Our founder Tyler Jury experienced the pain of losing his grandfather, Barret Cummings, to Alzheimer’s. Tyler and five of his fraternity brothers, inspired by the recent death, crossed the country on bikes to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

Getting off the ground wasn’t easy, but Tyler and his brothers were filled with purpose. That first team worked tirelessly during the 18 months of preparation and nine-weeks later, Bike4Alz had finished its first trek from San Diego to Yorktown. The final result: nearly $60,000 raised for research and the foundation for future rides.



Logan Carroll Bike4Alz

This summer marks cross-country trek number six for Bike4Alz, beginning in San Francisco, CA and ending in Virginia Beach, VA. Along the way, we have organized events in the communities we ride through to spread awareness of how impactful this disease is. 

Although the riders change each summer, our mission never will. With each year, we wish to reach more people and affect more lives with every mile. And we need your help.


Pics from the past