Tommy Sullivan

Tommy Sullivan.jpg

My name is Tommy Sullivan. I'm a History and Spanish major originally from Toledo, OH, though I've lived in Louisville, KY, for a while. I am part of the support staff that will be driving with the bikers and helping them get across the country.

I decided to join the Bike4Alz family because I know how it feels to walk into a loved one’s house and not be recognized.

I grew up in Ohio and lived right next to my grandparents. After most school days, my brothers and I went straight to our grandparent’s house for cookies and conversation. By the time our Nana was in the nursing home, my immediate family had already moved to Kentucky, so we weren’t able to see or help her much. My grandpa, though, served her lunch every day for three years. While I couldn’t devote myself to Nana like my grandpa did, I hope my contributions to the Alzheimer’s community this summer can help alleviate the pain of others.

I’m dedicating my summer to my grandma and to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, so no one else—patients or caregivers—has to suffer from this disease.